Building Awesome Trips and Keeping You Safe

Viageur’s mission is to merge tech and culture together so that we can create over 1M personalized trips that our users look back on with nostalgia. We are an AI-driven digital concierge that offers a curated itinerary for users that provide up-to-date information and safety analysis.

We save our users valuable time on destination research and travel planning, bringing them closer to hidden gems, events, great activities, and the best service providers while they travel. Additionally, we keep our users updated with our Safety Shields, alerting them of their risk to safety at a given location like COVID-19, crimes against the body, and racial & LGBTQ+ concerns.

Our Culture & Values

  • Figure S#!& Out and Quickly – Users will trust us if we can create a product to anticipate what they want to see and escape from. To do that, we have to think quickly on our feet and execute well. It may not be perfect at first, but we are willing to try and try again until it meets what our users and customers need
  • Cure the Boredom – We want people to escape their mundane lives. Give them a reason to do so and a reason to dream. Everything we create needs to be generated from this thought.
  • Global Community at its Finest – We are building a community of travelers and dreamers that want to know that:
    • 1)We’ve got their back
    • 2)There’s a community that has its back.
    • 3) Once we grow, we want to be the worst kept secret in the world that people want in on.
  • Optimism – We are micro pessimists but macro optimists. The pillar that we can do everything is based on the belief that we can do it.